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Diary of a cabbie by hiretuja

During these years I have met, sweet talked, got sweet talked, and get laid with a few female passengers. Wanting to write here but time is not a friend to me. By the time I finish work too tired to write liao lol.

Anyways, all the events are true. Those experiences are not pre planned. I am a friendly person, but not that talkative. If I ask a question to break the ice and receive cold answers, then I just keep quiet after that and concentrate on driving. But sometimes the customers are quite chatty, and I must say it takes quite a skill to bring up the sex topic - if opportunity permits- without being crude or rude.

Some of the information I have changed them a bit, to try to remain as anonymous as I can.

So without further delay, lets start..

Been a long time since I posted a story here about my experiences hooking up with passengers. I think the last time was in 2013.

It was about 11.30pm on a Wednesday. Ladies night. I was sending a male passenger to Clarke Quay. During the journey we kept talking and joking. We were having a very good conversation. It helps because it makes my mind thinking, and not steering away from boredom, or even sleepiness.

When we reached Clarke Quay, I turned right to Tan Tye Place. A few taxis were already in queue along the road. So I stopped somewhere away from the taxi stand. We continued to chat happily while the passenger paid for the cab fare.

"Oi brother. Outside got chio bu waiting for you siol" the passenger exclaimed.

We both looked out.

Standing outside was a Caucasian lady. So hot both of us were sweating inside my air conditioned taxi.

I remembered her as tall and slender. Blonde. Tanned. She was wearing a very thin cotton tee, with a plunging V neck. The tee was so thin I could see the laces of her black bra, the cups pushing her breasts upwards, creating a mesmerising view of cleavage.

Well, my passenger was staring hard at her and did not budge

"Wei, what are you waiting for. Have fun!" I said.

"Sialla bro the chio bu wanted to take you cab la sial" he was excited like monkey got peanuts.

He then alighted and grinned at the lady like sick perverted prick. The lady smiled at him and to me. She then bend over to the front passenger seat. I wind down the window.

She was sweating, and her glorious cleavage, damped with sweat, blinked at me.

What a sight to behold!

The bra cup was holding on well to that pair of gorgeous pair of bosoms. Although it seemed like they could spill out anytime.

She was asking me something but I didn't hear it. My eyes were fixed at those bosoms.

Maybe realising it she then turned her body away.


Startled I apologised profusely.

"Yes Ma'am sorry Ma'am! Going where?" I asked. Was afraid she got pissed if she knew I was checking out her rack. Or worse. A complain!

But she was still smiling

"Can you send me to Woodlands?"

Heck, even if you were going to somewhere a few streets away, I will still send you.

But Woodlands?

"Sure, come in!" I replied.

So she boarded the taxi.

"Yes, to abcde place please"

I was suprised. Which I will tell you why in a while.

So I drove away anr proceeded to the location. When an attractive passenger got on your cab? You will feel more spirited. More alert. More positive. I think thats natural.

When I reached CTE, I just concentrate on driving. But I was thinking back about my conversation with the previous passenger, so funny! Without knowing it I was smiling and grinning.

"What happened?" I was caught suprise by the question.

For a while I forgot about the beautiful passenger behind me. I looked at the rear mirror. There she was, hairs untied, relaxing at the back, her cleavage so awesome peeking behind the top she was wearing.

"Oh nothing Ma'am" I answered. Abit embarrassed as she caught me smiling for no reason.

"Are you sure? I don't look strange do I?" She asked.

Huh? What a question! I asked her why she said like that. She gave out a cute soft giggle.

"Oh no la Ma'am, on the contrary, you look super gorgeous. Too hot even you yourself can't take the heat". And I added on a bit about the reason I was smiling to myself. But the first bait had been released.

She glanced at me and gave a pout. Then she looked outside. I could see she was smiling too to herself..

"Why do you stay so far up north?" I asked her, genuinely curious.

From my experience driving a cab, there are not many Caucasian expats who lived so far up north.

"I teach in a school" she replied with a smile.

A teacher! I was shocked.

This hot lass at the back seat, a teacher?

If you got to know someone hot and she happens to be a teacher, what is the default question?


"Damn girl, which school? I wanna be your student! I'll definitely attend your class every single time!" I grinned.

She laughed. Must have got that a thousand of times.

"Why? Why do you want to be my student?" She asked me. Caught me off guard.

Because I want to visually raped you every single day. That's why.


"Erm because I know I will come to school and not feel boring if you are my teacher wearing like that to school!".

Lame, horrible, pathetic, answer.

But sometimes it worked!

She then adjusted her position by sitting in the middle of the back seat, leaning forward. She then pinched my left cheek.

"You cheeky monkey!" She laughed.

Ouch! I smiled and looked at her, but my eyes automatically glanced at her bosoms. I swore they were dancing at me!

Firm, round, full. C cup at the very least.

I glanced again and indeed she was wearing a lacey, no lined type of bra. The one which does not have padding on the cups.

Did I saw a flash of pinkiness behind those laces??

She was still giggling but she was looking direct at me after I did a few hit and run glances towards her tits. Oh, oh.. caught red handed!

"Those are real, by the way".

Ergk. I never said anything!

I was a bit embarrassed. A little bit regret because I shouldn't have allowed her to notice, that I was noticing her.

So I looked infront again and diverted her attention by posing her some questions.

Apparently, she is a teacher, teaching programming, in a school north of Singapore. She is an Italian and just arrived from Singapore 6 months back. Previously worked in a games software company in Korea. Came here as she was offered an opportunity to teach.

And she's just 26. Impressive credentials.

Reminded me of My First Sex Teacher.

This is a girl with beauty and brain.

I nonchalantly quipped that her boyfriend must be a lucky bastard.

"Oh no. I dunt have one. The last time I was in a relationship was when im in the UK. I split with him and went to Korea. Life is short for sad news. My money is mine only. I answerable to myself only. See the world. Have fun!"

Okay. Beautiful, brainy and bold.

As I am working long hours, I depend much on coffee to stay awake and focused. Unfortunately coffee is diuretic, and so suddenly I had the feeling to go pee!

Bad news liao!

So I just shook my leg to endure. Luckily we were nearing our destination.

"Whats wrong?" She asked. So I told her.

"Haha should have keep an empty bottle or plastic bag in case of emergency! "

"Yeah but I could not do it when I have a passenger duh" I gave a dumb face.

She laughed so hard her boobs were juggling.

"Oh im sure they will understand. I would. You have a bottle? I can help you aim properly!" She continued laughing.

Huh? Was she joking or being real?

"I will have a hard on", I told her.

She squinted her eyes and stuck her tongue out.

"Im sure you would"

My cock began to raise..

Bloody hell, this bitch was cock-teasing me!

Usually, I could outwit girls who try to troll me. But this one, she's a bit tough. Maybe I rarely talk to ang mohs. Maybe the Asian inferiority complex prevented me, or should I cautiously choose my words so as not to offend her.

Maybe she was simply stunning.

She continued smiling, realising that im numb for words. And I chose not to reply. Afraid I said wrongly.

As a taxi driver being in the same vehicle with a female is the most dangerous part of the job. Wrong move or words you might end up at the wrong side of the law. Even if the women are talkative, friendly, or even horny, never make the first move. It could be an entrapment. Or maybe mystery shopper to check our attitude towards passengers.

"Turn right and the junction in front, left. All the way straight to the building at the end" she instructed.

Finally! We reached the destination. My bladder going to burst!

She wanted to use credit card, to which I obliged. But after a few tries, the transaction was not approved. She then wanted to use NETS. I inserted the card to the terminal, she punched the numbers. We waited for a while and again, not approved.

"Hmm.. no signal maybe" I said. What a waste or time.

She wanted to do it again. So this time I on all the interior lights, turned my body to the left so I was facing her, and inserted the credit card again into the terminal. And waited.

My eyes were firmly on her breasts.

The Devil was whispering at my ear to grab them!

TET! Not approved!

"Oh fuck me!" She exclaimed. Yup, when?

My legs were shaking non stop. I could urine anytime now.

So I told her "Look I teach you how to do the transaction can you do it yourself I really need to pee.

She looked at me, with that awwww expression.

"Look I dunt have enough cash. Why dunt you park your car at the lot and follow me up to my apartment? I can give you the cash and you can go to relief yourself"

Without any hesitation I agree.

Not because of anything, but I just want to pee!

Great story TS. I gotta say if i am a cab driver, i will definitely drive on friday and saturday nights. Well, sorry to hijack but just a little story from my side with a cab driver.

So it was friday night and after a night of hunting at clarke quay, i got no targets that night. Smoking by the taxi stand, i stumbled upon 3 taiwanese ladies, of which one was dead drunk. Well, i saw no chance in picking girls when they appear in groups like that as they were usually very protective and they would send her home.

Staring from afar, i could see the drunk girl's black bra was already fully exposed. Hard-on. They stumbled to the taxi dtand and managed to get a taxi. In my head, i was like 'damn wasted...'

However, to my surprise, the friends put the drunk girl in the cab and let her go back on her own! Instantly, i went to my car, which was parking my the roadside and started my engine. Fortunately, the taxi could not drive off because of other taxis in front. I waited patiently and tailed the taxi. For those who know, the feeling of tailing another car is pretty exciting. Especially so when you try your best not to get spotted or lose the target.

The taxi stopped a couple of times, i reckon is trying to get the address right or finding his way. And finally, we reached Cashew Rd. It was pretty dimly litted at 3+am, slightly misty too. My plan is to park nearby and go forward and address myself as the girl's boyfriend. But to my surprise, the taxi drove into a small dead end. Suspicious. I parked my car nearby and walked over. Peeping behind a tall bush, i saw the uncle alighted. He opened the rear door and opened. Seeing him lifting the girl, who was already sleeping like a dead log on the rear seat, i somehow knew what was going to happen. I prowled nearer.

From a distance, i can see their sillouette. I can see the uncle checking his surrounding and brushing the girl's hair. I whipped out my handphone and DAMN, 3%. Whatever, i waited for another 10mins before walking over to the taxi. Looking in, i saw the girl's dress pulled up all the way with the black bra cups flipped up. The uncle was busy licking those light brown nipples. I knocked on the window. I could see the uncle's face turned pale and frantically pulling down the dress. The uncle alighted and immediately acted blur. I told the uncle i was her boyfriend and saw their taxi from the condo guardhouse and that her friends had texted me the taxi number. I swiftly flashed my handphone and say i had taken photos. The uncle totally flipped and apologised frantically. The act had to go all the way i told myself. I threatened to get the condo guards to come to be witness and would be calling the police. Out of nowhere, he whipped out a bunch of cash and told me to let it go. 300+ worth of cash, wow. I took the cash and ask him to bring the girl out, whom i addressed as 'ling'. Placing Ling carefully on the curb, he scrambled off.

Wala, with extra cash in my pocket and a sexy syt lying there for me. What a night!

So I parked my taxi properly, printed the receipt, and locked the vehicle. I was waddling (if thats the correct word) like a duck, knees bend towards each other, body bent forward.

She was waiting at the lift lobby and when she saw me she burst out laughing, so hard that her laughter echoes throughout the lobby.

Bloody bitch!

The lift arrived and we went in. She pressed the 4th level button. She was still laughing and I saw a tear or two in her eyes. I was quite upset already.

"Hey whats so funny. Im in a difficult situation now. You know how it feels trying to contain your bladder huh?"

She stopped laughing but still grinning. She wiped her eyes and apologised.

"Yes I understand but your are too funny!"

Im not sure which part of me is a clown. But I was having a personal war with my bladder, so whatever.

The lift door opened. She turn right and walked to the end of the corridor. Her unit was the furthest away from the lift. No matter.

She opened the door. The unit was dimly lit.

She pointed to the left.

"Thats the kitchen. The toilet is there"

Without saying anything, I flipped my shoes away and rushed to the toilet. Locked the door, hastily unbuttoned my jeans, took aim.

My eyes went cock-eyed.

After a while I buttoned back my jeans and flushed the toilet.


And then it struck me.

Where. The. Hell. Am. I?

Shit, im at the passenger's house! And I walked in, no run in, like it is my damn house!

"What are you doing so long in there? You stuck on something" her voice echoed through the apartment, teasing me again.

I washed my face and left the toilet.

And then I stepped out of the kitchen, I saw her. There at the corner, she was bending in front of the computer, with cigarette in her mouth.

I saw her bending in front of the computer, still with her top.

But with her jeans off.

Wearing only panties.

I gasped.

<<<to be continued...>>>

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